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Brow Perfection

Don’t despair! MOST Eyebrows can be saved!!!

BROW PERFECTION:  7 steps For precise shaping and effective results...


  1. Assessment of the Brow Shape.. Finding the best solution for you.
  2. Trimming of any long hairs to ensure that all the brow hairs are aligned.
  3. Tinting Brow hairs to match your colouring.
  4. Waxing above and below your brows.
  5. Threading the "fluffy" hairs above the Brows to blend in with the hairline.
  6. Fine tuning your Brows by tweezing.
  7. Some clients may require Brow Perfection Powder to fill gaps & Brow Perfection Gel to set the brows in place.

Mineral powder is applied at the end of treatment to cover any Redness , so you can go back to work or the shops!!



Eyebrow specialist Fiona Hunte, is well known for her expertise in EYEBROW shaping.

  • Fiona has been a Beauty Therapist since 1981 & has a Cert IV in Training & Assessment TAA40104
  • Fiona is Passionate about Eyebrows and there are very few brows that she cannot tame!
  • Re-growing eyebrows and pre-wedding re-shaping are her specialties



We Use and RECOMEND Brow perfection By purelyMinerals TM