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Eyebrow Feathering (Cosmetic Tattoo)

If your brows are patchy and thin from previous plucking, you find makeup routines timely and costly or you simply want to enhance your facial features, eyebrow feathering may be for you. Here’s what you need to know if you’re considering brow feathering.

The Eyebrow Feathering Technique

Eyebrow feathering uses cosmetic tattooing to mimic the look of natural hairs.

This hair stroke technique produces full, feather-like brows that appear even, soft and beautifully arched. Fine hairlines are etched onto the skin by implanting micro-pigments below the epidermis with a hand tool or digital machine.

Benefits for eyebrow feathering include:

  • Uses pigments not ink: Brows won’t fade into a blue-green colour notorious to many tattoo inks
  • Individual strokes:  Creates individual hairs identical to natural brow hairs, as opposed to one thick and dark eyebrow

Appointments may vary but generally the procedure will take hrs – 30 min to draw up shape, 30min for anesthetic & 60min for the procedure. After the procedure, 30min under LED light to promote healing. The pigment will settle within seven days.

Six weeks after the initial visit, you’ll be booked in for a touch-up appointment to fill in any areas that have faded or flaked. Here you’ll also have the option to darken the pigment colour or change the brow’s thickness.

Costs include the initial appointment as well as a follow up appointment.

Colour Choice

Before your appointment, you’ll have a consultation to determine the perfect brow shape and colour. This will ensure they understand what skin colours absorb certain minerals in colours to get the best results.

Your eye colour, natural skin tone and hair colour will all be taken into consideration when colour matching. Brows can also be subtly filled or completely remodeled.

For the first few days after your procedure, eyebrows will appear darker in colour. Don’t worry! This will fade as your brows adjust to the pigment and heal.

Is it Painful?

Eyebrow feathering isn’t a painful procedure, however numbing cream is applied prior to help with any feelings of discomfort. Some clients may feel a slight pressure which is normal.

Who is it NOT Suitable for Brow Feathering?

Some clients will not be suited to the procedure.

If you suffer from oily skin or use excessive active ingredient products, such as retinols and AHA, or suffer from some auto immune disorders the pigment will not retain in your skin.

Eyebrow feathering is not performed during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Eyebrow feathering is semi-permanent.

After your touch up appointment, results are expected to last six months to two years. Time-frames are dependent on your skin type and exposure to outside elements.

Brow feathering can make a positive difference to your daily routine, as well as accentuating facial features and minimising the need for makeup. Always make sure to find an experienced practitioner with whom you feel comfortable to get the best results.




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